Movement Therapy/Rehab

I am also able to offer unique rehabilitation via Movement Therapy techniques via the following four ground breaking qualifications listed below. Essentially my approach is to take a full case history of your pain/injuries, then look at how you move and assess your compensations and weaknesses then prescribe specific movements that enable you to move in an improved pain free way.

-Anatomy in Motion - recently featured on the TV programme Dr in the house, to see a video click here AiM is applied from 30 mins in.

-NeuroKinetic Therapy

-Restorative Breathing

-Primal movement chains
CAFS Gray Institute

This unique combination of techniques is effective for:

• Low back pain

• Hip pain

• Plantarfasciitis

• Foot problems

• Knee problems

• Shin splints

• Shoulder Pain

• Postural correction

• Muscular Tension

• Over pronation

• Annoying niggles